Steve Jude
Designer | Art Director

Beats by Dre

Beats by Dre RWC 2015

Beats by Dre tasked R/GA to look at potential concepts that they could take into the olympics being held in Brazil, 2016. They wanted to explore possible alternatives to the direction they had taken in the past. These are a few examples of how I looked to create a look and feel that focused on the countries / sports / athletes that would be at the olympics in 2016. 

Agency : R/GA
Lead Design and Art Direction : Steve Jude


I experimented with flag colour combinations to represent various nations (England - Germany - USA - Brazil). Using a mixture of type, headphones / athlete and altered pitches / courts these are the results I produced. IT was important to also embrace the music element and the idea that the athletes use music as a means of preperation. 


As an alternate I looked at the contrast between the classic Beats by Dre use of black with Gold to represent what the athletes would be striving for in Rio, 2016. 

Beats wanted us to also look at how we may potentially brand a campaign for the olympics. Working with a copywriter we looked at potential headlines that could be used within a new lock up.